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Welcome To My Home Page
In this first paragraph, I should introduce myself, my business, my club, and my reason for building a Web site. My name is Butch and I will submit valuable information on all the Russian and INS rules and Documents to meet, visit, and bring to America a Russian Bride. 75,000 Americans, incuding myself, have found that Russian women are the most beautiful, family oriented, and when given appreation ,treat husbands like nothing I have experienced in my 35yr of married and professional life in Louisiana. Most Russian people not only eat healty but tasty food that is cheep and helped reduced my weight, losing 75#, walked 5 miles aday. Russian doctors who cured all my medical problems, which my doctors here had given me a month in chemical medicine, but then gave me 6 months to live.
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In my year of living in Russia I have been given access to Tourist attractions, music and arts, dance and 1000 years of cultural tradition. And the cost to see Russia, eat, and travel is 1/4 of that in America. I also have access to photos, profiles, and emails to 100's of Russian women who want to mary American men.

Welcome To My Home Page
The photo at the top is a digital picture of Mamouth Hill and the 500 foot stone statue of Mother country. It is in the city Volgograd, Russia on the Volga River about 800 miles south of Moscow.It is 413 years old and was the real cause of the defeat of the Germans in WWII. 500,000 Russian people were killed from 1942 to 1945. Under this hill lies a mass grave of 65,000 Russian solders and the main memoral in Russia. Volgograd(called Stalingrad during the war was bombed flat(1,000,0000 lived there at the time of the war. This city also was totally distroyed during wwI and defeated the Germans then. 500,000 German prisoners of war were used to rebuiled the city. In all 85,000,000 Russian solders and civilians in battle and in ethnic cleasing. Hilter hated the Russian as much as the Jews.

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At present if you need BCIS immagration information for a Russian Fiance you must contact me at .  The law on Visas to and from Russia has changed because of new Homeland Security regulation and now there are over 70,000 applicants from Russia for all types of Visa. But I can inform you of all steps, documents, duration, amd travel/lodge information to anywhere in Russia.  Cheepest flights, Visa services, Maps and Directions in Moscow and Volgograd.

Work in Progress
work in progress

MY Russian Wife
My wife, Marina, is a 45 years old devorcee of 16 years from a retired USSR Army officer. She was a professional concert piano player for a professional ballet company working for 20 years and making a big salary of $ 75 a month, the average Professional salary of any Russian citizen.

All updates as of December 29, 2003